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Triungulo Lab

Triungulo Lab Major

Triungulo Lab Major

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The Triungulo Lab Major is a faithful replica of the vintage Marshall Major, using only pro audio grade selected components, meticulously handbuilt in Italy in collaboration between Will Galluccio and one of the most experienced Italian tube amp techs, Tony Carlino (Electronics Legend). 


This is a limited edition preorder. There will be a maximum number of units available each year. Order it now and get this custom built for you. It will take approximately 2 months to build and ship this to you. 

It took around 3 years, but the combination of Will’s passion about electronics, selection of the best components and materials, dedication for vintage music equipment & Tony’s experience, fine knowledge and calm wisdom finally merged into the realization of this project. 

Technical details

- Custom Made in Italy high grade transformers, based around the vintage Drake’s specs used in the original Marshall Majors. These transformers not only retain the same tonal character of the vintage ones, but provide better safety to higher voltage and less background noise;

- Same ultra linear operation, typical in hi-fi while atypical in guitar tube amplifiers, giving the Major its own character; 

- Two KT88 output tubes; this lowers the amp’s wattage down to 90W making it usable with most commercial attenuators, cabinets & cabinet simulators. It doesn’t affect the tone in any way. It’s also convenient because it allows to save some money when replacing the tubes (no need for an expensive matched KT88 quartet);

- LEAD model, same used by John Frusciante;

- Push-Pull "transparent" Master Volume mod on the back;

- Push-Pull bright cap on the High Treble channel I (some Majors had it, while some others not.. John's one probably didn't according to his tone);


- Based on the analysis of numerous original LEAD models. Unlike other similar products, this guarantees this replica is 100% faithful to the original design (schematics floating on the internet are all wrong). Even getting an original unit nowadays does not guarantee such level of detail as many of the vintage units have been repaired / modded, resulting in alterations to the original design.

- Improved electrical safety thanks to many more precautions taken while designing this product (eg. it avoids arching and consequent premature transformer’s death).

- Less weight and compact size to increased portability. 

- Lower background noise thanks to improved layout and some modern parts in key spots of the circuit. 

- Improved stability and reliability; unlike vintage amps this is built with modern parts which are built to last forever, while being assembled with impeccable attention to detail.

The most notable users are:
John Frusciante
Ritchie Blackmore
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Frank Zappa
Josh Klinghoffer

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