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What are Pre-orders?

When a pedal isn’t immediately available to ship you have the opportunity to reserve one for yourself by pre-ordering it. This allows you to get your hands on a fresh new pedal as soon as one it’s ready.

Why do you do Pre-orders?

Because while being a small company which sells handmade products with a limited throughput, I am also an engineering student (so I need to split time between the two activities). I’d like to be also a guitarist/musician from time to time, but the opportunities are becoming always more rare. :’)

How do Pre-orders work?

When a pedal is not in stock you can still preorder it by paying the full amount upfront. After your payment, your order will appear onto the Waiting List section of the website, where you can keep track of its progress. As soon as your pedal will be ready it will be shipped and you will be notified.

How long do I wait after placing the Pre-order to get my hands on the pedal?

I can’t give you an exact estimation because it depends upon so many factors. My suppliers not always meet their deadlines, during some intense studying periods my work becomes very slow, sometimes I don’t receive the materials in time because of delivery problems, etc.So as you can see it’s a huge mess. ALTOUGH, what I can tell you is that a Pre-order can take from few days to 5 months (worst case scenario). Usually instead the range is narrower and in 2 months you’ll get your stuff out at the door.

What shipping method do you use?

International courier. Very fast and very secure allowing both of us to sleep safe and wait less.

Why is it so expensive?

Who knows me is able to tell you how I tend to reduce my margins to the minimum just because I love what I do and I love to see my pedals spread around the world. So, if you are trying to complain about my prices, please go away and buy from elsewhere (or from other companies which instead have very large margins because they use poop inside of their pedals…?). My stuff often uses vintage components which cost a lot, or expensive solutions to bring the best quality in the smallest space possible.On the other hand I know shipping is expensive, but we are forced to use private Couriers in Italy because the national postal system doesn’t work very well. So, as you may understand, private shippers cost more (but provide also a much more premium service).

Are you Will Galluccio? Are you the Youtube videos guy?

Yes I am!

An other request ?

For any warranty, info, waiting list topic, contact support@triungulolab.com or use the contact form!
For any other request you can send an email at will@triungulolab.com