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BLACK PEARL 12-Stage Phaser ( Moog MF-103 )

BLACK PEARL 12-Stage Phaser ( Moog MF-103 )

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Black Pearl is the first 12-Stage Phaser replica based on the discontinued Moog 103 (Moogerfooger MF-103). It keeps intact all the features of the original units while being 45% smaller and 55% lighter. And with its expanded multiwaveform LFO, you are now ready to sail towards new lands and sound possibilities.




  • DRIVE ~ adjusts the input gain. With this control you can set the right input gain for virtually any instrument or line-level signal source. Turn this control counterclockwise for strong input signals, and clockwise for weaker sound sources. You can also use this control to purposefully add a light overdrive effect.
  • OUTPUT ~ adjusts the volume of the phaser signals that appearat the AUDIO and AUX output jacks. Use this control to balance the phasersignals with the bypassed signal.

  • SWEEP ~ moves the phaser frequency response over a six-octave range.
  • RESONANCE  ~ changes the height and sharpness of the frequency response peaks.
  • 6/12 STAGES ~ selects between 6-stage and 12-stage phaser modes.

  • WAVE ~ the shape of the LFO wave.
  • RATE ~ LFO's speed rate from 0.01 to 250Hz.
  • DEPTH ~ changes LFO's intensity. Determines how much the LFO modulates the phaser sweep parameter varying the depth of phaser modulation, from barely perceptible to the full sweep range of the phaser.
  • TAP RHUM ~ LFO's tap tempo.

Special I/O:

  • 1/8" EXP INPUTS ~ plug in up to four TRS expression passive pedal or 0-5V sources to externally control the SWEEP, RESONANCE, DEPTH or RATE parameters.
  • 1/8" SWEEP IN ~ enables you to feed any control signal to the second group of six phase-shifting circuits. The second phase shifting group gets disconnected from the LFO, and connected to the new input source. This feature gets you to impart two separate sweep motions to the phaser effect while being in 12-stage mode.
  • 1/4" AUX OUTPUT ~ complementary output signal which can be used in conjunction with the regular OUTPUT to generate swirling stereo sounds.


  • Inside there is a tri-color LED (visible through the other external LEDs) that indicates the amount of clipping occurring according to the DRIVE control and the input signal level.

9V DC Center Negative;
100 mA required;
1590BB Enclorure size;
Top mounted jacks;

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