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BARBANERA Low Pass Filter

BARBANERA Low Pass Filter

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Barbanera is a Low Pass Filter based on the discontinued Moog 101, offering even more features. With its integrated multiwaveform LFO, you are now ready to sail towards new lands and sound possibilities.



Level: adjusts the input gain. With this control you can set the right input gain for virtually any instrument or line-level signal source. Turn this control counterclockwise for strong input signals, and clockwise for weaker sound sources. This control is always active, even when the BARBANERA is in BYPASS mode.

Amount: determines how much of the envelope signal is used to open and close the filter. When the knob is ccw, the envelope signal has no effect on the filter (cutoff).
Cutoff: sets the filter's cutoff frequency over a nine-octave range. Lower frequencies pass, while higher ones are being cut out.
Resonance: allows to boost the frequencies near the cutoff point. Your filtering operation can go from a passive tone knob sound up to self oscillation at a fixed (cutoff) frequency.
Mix: crossfades from 100% dry to 100% wet.
2/4 Pole toggle: 2 poles means half the filter, and gives you a brighter sound. 4 poles cuts deeper and has mellower attitude.

ON/OFF toggle: allows to engage the integrated LFO which controls (like an invisible hand) the CUTOFF KNOB.
Wave: shape of the LFO wave.
Rate: LFO's speed.
Depth: LFO's intensity. Goes from no tilt shift of the cutoff knob's position at all, up to severe sweeps.
Tap RHUM: LFO's tap tempo.

CV/EXP: Plug in a 0-5V source to externally control the CUTOFF knob. You can also plug in a TRS expression passive pedal.

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