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JF Fuzz (Germanium Fuzzrite Reissue)

JF Fuzz (Germanium Fuzzrite Reissue)

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Reissuing the Germanium Fuzzrite, the JF Fuzz offers the guitarist the true vintage fuzz sound. It is sturdily built and designed with the best materials available today to give it a huge variety of possibilities.


Used by garage rock most famous artists as a wild but still clear distortion (Ramones), as a farty sounding box (The Ventures, Iron Butterfly) or as an incredible almost synth-sounding fuzz as boost for solos (John Frusciante, RHCP).

It features two controls:
-Volume: with this knob you can make your fuzz sound very subtle or you can push it beyoing its limits to get an extra saturated sound.
-Depth: explore a big variety of sounds. From the more melodic sound on the left to the most acid thig you've ever heard to the far right, facing a well balanced out-of-phase fuzz sound when traveling through the middle of the pot.

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