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Malombra is an italian word which stands for Evil Shadow.
A chorus effect is a mix between a signal and its warped copy, his shadow.
With its modern features although being based on the vintage CE1 tones,
Malombra can bring you to unexplored fields of the chorus/vibrato world.



Level: adjusts the volume of the signal with a CE1 based preamp. You can boost it slightly or even cut down to 0.

Wave: shape of the LFO wave. You can choose between Triangle, Sine, Sine+Oct, Square, Sweep, Lump, Random Steps, Random Triangle.
Rate: LFO's speed.
Depth: effect's intensity. Sets up how much you would like to warp your signal.
Tap Soul: LFO's tap tempo.

LAG: internal trimpot (you need to open the back of the pedal to reach it) which allows you to take control over the delay time of your "shadow" signal.
It can go from
- around 2msec, which gives you a less pronounced effect, more flangery tones close to the original CE1;
- around 25msec, which makes the effect more pronounced and modern sounding;

Malombra's circuit is based around the Boss CE2W (CE1 Mode), so that it can emulate vintage CE1 sounds with modern circuitry. 

9V DC Center Negative;
100 mA required;
1590BB Enclorure size;
Top mounted jacks;

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