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Scar Fuzz

Scar Fuzz

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The Scar Fuzz is (not only) a faithful reproduction of the
early 2000 NYC Big Muff, often called the Frantone Big Muff.

Inspired by the violin-like Scar Tissue lead sounds, you 
can almost feel the sky's vibrant colors along with
the wind ruffling your hair by being sat in that car.


After the russian parenthesis, with the 21th century approaching, Ehx decided it was finally time to get back to their roots. 
Ehx' founder, Mike Matthews, committed the task of reissuing the Big Muff to a very talented  self-taught engineer and pedal builder, Fran Blanche.
She didn't faithfully reissue any of the old designs, but took the chance of adding a different flavor to the well known fuzz pedal.
After many prototypes, what ended up hitting the production line was a renewed and modern-sounding Big Muff pedal. More "muffled",
less gainy, and more trebly are the best words to describe this unique pedal design which was soon again abandoned in 2006 in favor of new revisions of the circuit. 

John Frusciante, along Jack White are probably the most notorious users of this peculiar Big Muff version.
But how to recognize a "Frantone" version from others? Usually the early 2000 units were still using the famous vintage-style Daka-Ware knobs along with a freshly added status LED. Vintage units didn't have the LED, while later revisions went for the modern "hockey-puck" ones.


  • FUZZ: adjusts the output level of the fuzz signal;
  • SUSTAIN: adjusts the amount of sustain/gain and distortion;

  • TONE: provides a range of sounds from high treble to deep bass. Provides a notorious mid scoop;

Extra Features!

  • BIAS: leave it fully clockwise if you want to keep the original Frantone circuit. Sweep it CCW to starve the pedal's transistors and emulate dying battery sounds!

  • CLEAN: adjusts the output level of your clean dry signal. Perfect to "blend" different pedals and to experiment with this pedal on BASS (get your Muse tone out there!)

  • MIDS Toggle: this control affects the TONE control behaviour. Leave it on STD to keep the original Frantone circuit (mid scooped). FLAT provides you flat EQ response, while MID+ boosts your mids to cut even more through the mix.

  • NO NAME: ??? 

9V DC Center Negative;
5 mA required;
True Bypass;
125B Enclorure size;
Top mounted jacks;

Watch it in action!

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