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Triungulo Lab

Triungulo Lab CE-1 Ensemble Crunch

Triungulo Lab CE-1 Ensemble Crunch

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Did you know that when you plug in a Boss CE-1 Chorus pedal into your chain, your tone gets inevitably altered?
Indeed it has an "always on" preamp section which sits in front of the chorus effect that can gift you some nice shades to your tone.


In 2017, Will Galluccio was really enjoying his clean tone and discovered that it was thanks to the Boss CE-1's preamp.
So the idea of re-creating just a standalone CE-1 preamp pedal was born, and so the CE-1 Crunch after some development.

In October 2017 the Ensemble Crunch landed on Josh Klinghoffer's pedalboard.

The CE-1 Crunch is the most faithful recreation in the world of the Boss CE-1's PREAMP, featuring the exact same schematic, a pedalboard friendly power section, and top quality components.

Features and controls:
· 9V center negative;
· Compact size;
· Exact same preamp as the CE-1;
· Level Control, to decide how much signal you want allow to pass/boost;
· High/Low mode;
· Normal/Effect switch to go from preamp OFF to preamp ON;
· True Bypass;

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