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Triungulo Lab

Triungulo Lab Chorus Ensemble

Triungulo Lab Chorus Ensemble

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Every guitar player has at least heard once of the legendary Boss CE-1.
Launched in the 1976 by Boss, it is been the progenitor of all the modern chorus/vibrato effects.
Although it truly is one of the best stompbox ever made, its size, weight, power requirements and age don't allow it to widely spread onto people's pedalboards around the world.






In 2017, Will Galluccio, having the need of replacing his CE-1, started prototyping a smaller size, pedalboard friendly reissue of the famous pedal.
In 2018 the Chorus Ensemble was born and released with pre-orders formula, being Triungulo Lab a small business.

The Chorus Ensemble is the most faithful recreation in the world of the original Boss CE-1, featuring the exact same schematic, an improved power section, same Bucket Brigade MN3002 and top quality/age type correct components.

Features and controls:
· 9V center negative;
· Compact size;
· Exact same preamp as the CE-1 (always on, pedal is not true bypass);
· Level Control, to decide how much signal you want allow to pass/boost;
· High/Low mode;
· Chorus Intensity (sets the speed of the effect when in Chorus mode);
· Vibrato Depth and Rate;
· Normal/Effect switch to go from effect OFF to effect ON;
· Chorus/Vibrato switch to choose between Chorus (triangle wave LFO) or Vibrato (sine wave LFO);
· Peak Level LED monitoring your signal's strength in real time;
· Mode level blinking at the modulation's speed;
· Stereo/Mono (when you plug in a jack in the Stereo socket, the Mono Jack will deliver only DRY while the Stereo Jack will push out WET!)

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