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Triungulo Lab

Triungulo Lab HARAFNA

Triungulo Lab HARAFNA

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Odin was said to own two ravens, named Huginn and Muninn, whose names mean Thought and Memory. They flew through the Nine Realms as Odin's eyes and messengers, and reported back to him the information they had gathered.


They looked like a black leaf torn from the dark forest and their sight could look deep inside the night, crossing thoughts and souls.

Vikings used to refer to ravens ad "Harafna"

Global Controls:
- Freq. (cutoff frequency for the Low Pass filter)
- Resonance
- Level (amount output volume
can even boost up to around +18dB)
- Mix (allows you to mix in the dry signal)
- EXP. Jack (control the Freq. knob through an expression pedal)
- CV IN (control the Freq. knob with an external voltage source)

MUNINN (LFO1) Controls:
- Rate and Depth
- Rate LED
- True Bypass switch for the whole effect

HUGINN (LFO2) Controls:
- Rate and Depth
- Rate LED
- Switch Huginn ON or OFF

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