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The WH-X is the most faithful recreation of the original 80s Ibanez WH-10
which has long been considered one of the most legendary wah pedals ever made.
Most famously known as John Frusciante's favourite and most used tool.
Sought-after by many people but well known for being very rare and unreliable,
all those problems are solved by the new WH-X.


If you are a John Frusciante fan and you play guitar there is a high chance you've heard of a pedal called Ibanez WH-10.
Amongst many revisions and reissues, none have ever come close to the original Grey V1 released during the 80s.

After comparing the plastic original to the metal reissues, the importance of the materials became clear. Whenever I tried putting a vintage unit's circuit board inside of a metal enclosure it was always somehow less expressive and exciting to play with. This is because the flexibility and lightweight feel of the V1 is a huge part of the overall experience and gets directly reflected into your playing. Because of the metal's rigidity it wouldn't allow you to "feel" and dominate the full sweep of the effect.

Yeah, I know this sounds crazy.. but I guarantee you would realize it as soon as you compare the two feelings (not to mention agreement on this from other trusted players like Olly Vert & Kentaro Kiuchi). Even John himself didn't like the V2 reissue partially because of this (his tech Dave Lee confirmed "he didn't like the sound" of the V2) and preferred keep on smashing plastic units.

I have built countless units using V2 metal enclosures and despite using the exact circuitry and components to the V1, there was always something missing, so I inevitably had to give up. I just kept using an original V1 on my personal pedalboard, but I have never felt comfortable with it because of the huge fear of breaking it anytime.
Unexpectedly in January 2020, after meeting with a 3D printing expert (as well as JF Fan), the dreams of reissuing a faithful V1 started becoming possible. After many wasted prototypes, tests, Skype calls and sleepless nights, we finally came to the fairy tail ending.
The WH-X was born.


Durable ABS 3D printed enclosure: this solves the cracking issue of the originals, while maintaining the authentic feel.

Circuit: faithful recreation of the original V1 schematic, after reverse engineering many vintage units.

ON/OFF Switch: provides the same switching action and feeling of the vintage V1, allowing to change state with just a tap on the toe (without having to roll it backwards first like you do on True Bypass ones).

Buffered Bypass: very few people realize the importance of the WH-10 buffer in a Frusciante-inspired chain. True Bypass doesn't allow for the same interaction with surrounding pedals, as a buffer modifies impedances of your signal. (Your Big Muff, Fuzzrite etc. will sound very different!)

Potentiometer: the well known scratchy potentiometer issue is prevented by partially encapsulating it. Although it's still recommended to be careful about dust. Replacements are hard to find and can be very expensive. Also, they are hand selected with the best specs possible to get the tone closer to the V1 (not all of these potentiometers measure the same resistance, and the vintage ones had some pretty narrow range of values).

Guitar/Bass switch: choose between [350Hz ~ 2.2KHz] or [175Hz ~ 1.1KHz] sweep range. Perfectly tuned with high grade professional equipment.

allows to choose the mix ratio between dry and wet signal (from 50% up to full wet) just like the original.

Volume: new feature of the WH-X! Tame the original V1 volume boost with this control without worrying about modifying your tone at all. This control is indeed engineered in such a way that it will just cut your decibels. Leave it on maximum for the full original experience. This is useful if you want to use a clean amp or want to emulate the tone of the BLACK plastic V1.5 WH-10, which had no boost.

Dry output: really no one ever uses this jack, but, it's there just in case you want to split your chain or feed a tuner...

Choose between turquoise and purple color!

9V DC Center Negative;
10 mA required;
380g (0.8 lbs)weight;
200x84x84mm dimensions;

Watch it in action!

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