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WH10 Replacement Potentiometer

WH10 Replacement Potentiometer

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Back in the day, Ibanez chose to manufacture a unique custom taper dual-gang potentiometer to build their WH10 wha pedal.

While V1 and V1.5 kept the same vintage type potentiometer built with the same specs by the same manufacturer through all the 80-90’s, V2 and V3 are currently being built with a new version of it.


Sadly, the “new” version of this peculiar potentiometer - which in my opinion is one of the few keys to nail the V1 tone - doesn’t match the same “taper” (resistance per rotation degrees) of the vintage. Also, V2/V3 pots aren’t as durable and consistent as the vintage ones. I noticed a way wider tolerance, which makes it impossible to build two identical sounding effects.

Because of all those reasons I spent years studying and analyzing the behavior of those two versions with countless comparisons and measurements. Many many vintage potentiometers have been torn apart for this purpose. After a very long time, and after hunting for the best quality and consistent potentiometer manufacturer in Taiwan, I am finally proud of announcing my V1 REPLICA POTENTIOMETER.

It is a direct drop-in replacement. Same taper, same specs, same consistency.

*fits any type of WH10 pedal: V1, V1.5, V2, V3, WH-X

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